Face Mask Reviews

Lately, due to Ipsy if I’m being honest, I have found myself drawn to face masks. Having persistent mild acne I have had to be selective about the products that go on my face. But after trying a mud mask on a whim, I can not seem to stop trying out a variety of these masks. There is just something about siting for twenty minutes with a hardened, chances are smelly, substance on my face that is incredibly relaxing. I’ve listed out a few of the masks I’ve tried the past few weeks and given my personal opinions and experiences with each. Remember that everyone’s skin is different and therefore everyone’s skin will react differently to facial masks and washes. You should never overuse masks as they can harm your skin. If you have questions or sensitive skin I suggest you consult with your dermatologist before trying out any new products. Lastly, if you have any recommendations for masks let me know in the comments below. I love finding new products to try out.

  • Neutrogena Clean Pore Cleanser/Mask 
    • Acne fighting – contains benzoyl peroxide acne medication
    • Can be found in any drugstore, Walmart, Target, ect.
    • 5 Minute Mask
      • Pre-Mask: “I have been using Neutrogena products for a handful of years now. They are undoubtedly a quality drugstore brand so I am expecting the best with this cleansing mask. Don’t let me down Neutrogena!”
      • Mid-Mask: “Minty, fresh. I can actually feel it cleansing my pores. Its getting cold against my skin, a sensation that I definitely enjoy in a facial mask.”
      • Post-Mask: “I feel like it leaves a bit of a residue but my face feels incredibly clean so its still nice. This is definitely a product that I would use daily as a cleanser and maybe every few days as a mask since it can act as both.”
        • Rating – 4/5
  • studio35 Beauty – Deep Cleansing Mask
    • Dead sea minerals to cleans and purify your skin
    • Walgreens – 3 for $4
    • 15 Minutes or Until Dry
      • Pre-Mask: “I hope this mask hardens. Ohhhh it smells good. Very clean scent, almost minty.”
      • Mid-Mask: “It reminds me of being at a salon. Tingles but there is no burn and it still feels fresh against my skin.”
      • Post-Mask: “Very nice clean sensation. Easy to get off. No sense of left over residue from the product.”
        • Rating – 4/5
  • Jor’el Parkes’ The Original Fango Mud Therapy 
    • 100% vegan. Designed to moisturize, anti-age, exfoliate, minimize pores and lines, deep clean, decrease dark circles, and purify.
    • Received in Ipsy bag
    • 5 Minute Mask
      • Pre-Mask: “Damn bae. This sucker is supposed to do it all. That is concerning though. Everyone knows one product can not actually fix everything. I’m surprised it doesn’t also advertise saving the animals, curing cancer, and ending world hunger. Seriously though a mud mask? Let’s do this.”
      • Mid-Mask: “It smells funny. And it’s green. Kinda tingles, not sure if that is good or bad if I’m being honest. I could rock this green monster look, just saying. It’s stiff AF.”
      • Post-Mask: “It feels okay but it makes my skin really red. I think it may be to strong or harsh for my skin type.”
        • Rating – 2/5
  • studio35 Beauty – Facial Brightening Sheet
    • Fruit Enzymes and Bamboo Extract
    • Soothes and Illuminates. Helps to restore natural balance.
    • Walgreen’s 3 for $4
    • 10 Minute Mask
      • Pre-Mask: “I’ve never tried a sheet mask so this should be interesting. I’m thinking that it will be fruity scented and relaxing. Hopefully I don’t mess it up!”
      • Mid-Mask: “A bit weird to put on. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to face sheet masks. Very rejuvenating. I look like an antagonist from a horror movie. Can’t move around too much. This is nice except it keeps wanting to come off and land everywhere but my face.”
      • Post-Mask: “Felt oily afterwards. Definitely was not worth it in the least.”
        • Rating – 1/5
  • Mario  Badescu’s Flower and Tonic Mask
    • Cruelty Free
    • Ulta free gift
    • 15-20 Minute Mask
      • Pre-Mask: “I don’t know much about this one. So naturally I’m just going to throw it on my face and see what occurs. It’s a weird pale green color. It’s not too thick or dry so that’s nice.”
      • Mid-Mask: “Feels fresh and clean. Stiffens up. Personally I’ve found that I like the masks that harden.”
      • Post-Mask: “My skin feels soft but I feel like there’s a slight residue once again. That seems to be a reoccurring problem with the masks I’ve tried.”
        • Rating – 3/5

So that was a fun experience for me and hopefully for you as well. I don’t have a lot of experience with face masks. Most of what I do is on a whim or a gut feeling. If I find a knew set of masks to try out I’ll be sure to make another short post to let you guys know what I thought.

Maybe you’ve had your own experience with facial masks, be them good or bad, let me know down below in the comments. Thanks for reading, guys!



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