Hello lovelies!

I’m a writer, blogger, reader, equestrian, traveler, lover of life (wow corny much?)… and yeah a bunch of other things but I think those are the most important ones pertaining to the content of this blog.

You’ll find me one of five places.

1. At the barn.

2. At my desk working on my next novel.

3. Lounging in bed with a big, thick… book. (Why, what did you think I was going to say… oh… how awkward.)

4. At Disney wishing that I was a Disney Princess Preferably Ariel because hello mermaid, and also Prince Eric would be a total hottie irl. But I would so settle for Cinderella… or Rapunzel… or okay you get my point.)

5. On my next great adventure which sometimes involves hilarity, usually results in getting lost, and always includes food.

I tumble at http://www.thoughtsbymorgan.tumblr.com
I photograph at thoughtsbymorgan
I chatter at @morgiedaniellee
I write at http://www.swoonreads.com/m/bookshop-girl-2
And I blog here!

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