img_9924Today is Thursday.

Which means that tomorrow is Friday. Then the following day is Saturday. Followed by Sunday.

And will somebody please tell me why we waste so much time waiting on tomorrow to come. There will always be another tomorrow and another excuse.

Until there isn’t.

Eventually life will have no more tomorrows to give us. we will be left with today. No more chances. No more do-overs.

The problem is that we do not have any idea when we will have exhausted our source of tomorrows. So my lovelies, use today like it is your tomorrow. Stop finding excuses to live because someday even that will cease to be an option.


Fairy Tales

img_3755She wanted it to be like a fairy tale where nobody was too broken to be loved. But nobody likes a scratched CD or a ripped picture or a stained dress.

Eventually she learned that only the scratched CD understands what it’s trying to say. Only the ripped picture remembers being whole. And nobody cares about the story behind the stain – they only see that the dress is ruined now that it has been marred.

People are quite the same and life is not a fairy tale.



Beauty is sunsets and sunrises and all the moments in between. Beauty is that singing in your soul when you realize you are exactly where you should be. Beauty is the happy tears that come with a hurricane of emotions that surge over you. Beauty is life, and in a way beauty is also death. Beauty is love, and encouragement, and living in itself. Beauty is in everything, it is only a matter of if you wish to see it. 

June Ipsy Glam Bag

Busy. That was my immediate thought upon first yanking this month’s Ipsy bag from its pink bubble-wrap shipper. The theme for this month was ‘Rebel Rebel’, which I felt related well to the bag, which appears to be graffiti-ed. This bag left me with mixed feelings. But 50% of those feelings are positive so never fear, it isn’t all bad!


As I mentioned earlier, my first thoughts were on how busy the design of this month’s bag was. However, while I originally was not fond of the pattern it is definitely growing on me. I probably will not be using it to throw in my purse but instead it may find use as a feminine product bag for beach trips or my school backpack come the fall semester. Overall I give the bag itself a 2/3, while it is not my favorite by far, it is a cute and original design that will add a pop of color wherever it is used.

The first product I eagerly grabbed from the bag is Urban Decay’s eyeshadow in fireball. It is a shimmery pinkish red that reminds me of the glint of a mermaid tail. It is definitely a summer shade that I’ll enjoy having in my collection. I was not overjoyed when I pulled this out, mostly because of the size of the sample. It is a small sample in cheap packaging. I’d much prefer it to be in an actual container than just being a lose pan which is incredibly easy to lose track of and forget amongst my other eye products. I’d be much more excited if it was packaged better. 1/5 not all that pumped.

The next product I saw was the Royal & Langnickel MODA Crease/Smudge Brush, in an electric teal blue. I love the dual purpose and the color of this brush however I am sick of getting brushes in my bags. Of seven bags I have received brushes in five of them. I will definitely be retaking the survey in the hopes of limiting the number of brushes I’ll be receiving in future bags. All in all I give this product a 2/3. It was not what I was hoping for but it will get good use because of the dual quality it possesses.

The third item is the Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Illuminating Baked Highlighter in the shade Bellisma. This highlighter has pink undertones so I am not sure if I will like it on my skin but I am excited to try it out. 3/3

I also received an eyeliner from Vasanti Cosmetics in Intense Black. I am always game to receive and try out new eyeliners as I have only ever found one that I actually truly like. I am a bit nervous as the last eyeliner I received in an Ipsy bag (Mr. Write Now) was absolutely awful and is one of my least favorite products that I have gotten in a bag. But we shall see, I’m remaining hopeful. 2.5/3

The last product is Marc Anthony’s Dream Waves Beach Spray which I am absolutely pumped to use. I spritzed it through my hair when I first opened this bag and then threw my hair up before heading to the gym. Upon taking it down my hair was noticeably wavy and my boyfriend even commented that I had beach hair (YAS, score!). This product is a 3/3 for me, so happy I got it in my bag.

Overall this bag was a 2.5/3 for me, mostly because of the beach spray which will be perfect for summer looks.

Products I Wish I Had Received

Baby Boo Boo Cover Up

frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

clariSEA’s Deep Pore Detox Activated Charcoal Exfoliates Mask 

Products I Am Glad I Did Not Receive

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Duo in Block Party & Geo Mint Ric

Liptini Cream Lip Color in Pinktini

So what did you all get in your Glam bags this month? Anything good? Anything bad? Leave a comment down below! 🙂


Writer’s Block

I am frozen amongst flowering words that come to bloom into full sentences onto the paper where the ink is either too dry or smeared across the page.

I want to escape into the void that is found in the space where my pen and paper meet. Instead I reach for the intangible and it slips between my fingers like the sands of an hourglass reminding me of that which I am running out of.

I need the release. The pressure builds in my head, filled with voices and scenes in vivid detail. Words are eager to splash upon the page.

Dialogue dances behind my eyelids like scrolling text. It disappears from view right before I can capture it. The words ebb and flow, choosing when to arrive and when to leave. I have no control of my thoughts, or the words, or that fleeting creature they call the muse.

I am a writer, slave to my pen, captive of the paper, and willing participant in the pursuit of the creative word.

Childhood Memories

This is a little something that I wrote about my childhood. It is really more of a sensory based piece but writing it definitely took me back to being young.

Growing up I spent most of my time in the water. Be it playing in the sprinklers, the pool, or the ocean, I’ve always been drawn to good ole’ H2O. Naturally looking back on childhood memories would take me back to moments spent in the pool which is what this short fiction is based on. To me, growing up in Florida meant a childhood full of aquatic memories and in all honesty I would not want it any other way.

This is the link back to the host (?) site, so take a peek at all of the other blog posts following this same prompt!


I wait, with the tap-tap-tap of my finger against the cool marble counter tops and my eyes flicking impatiently to the view outside of the setting sun, which is leaving a trail of color against the blue canvas of the sky. I wait, rocking forward onto my tiptoes and crashing back onto my heel, back and forth, back and forth, as the trail of bright colors fades to a brilliant blue and stars begin to peek from their hiding places.

I patter down the hallway with my chilly, dripping, chlorine-scented bathing suit bunched in my ten year old fists. I leave four staccato knocks on my little brother’s bedroom door and float past into the bathroom. I shimmy and tug the one piece on, fighting as the straps pinch my skin and four droplets of water race down my legs leaving shivery cold trails. The damp material stubbornly slides over my skin and into place.

I meet my brother on the pool deck and together we breathe in the chlorine and listen to the crickets’ night time melody. Despite the cold I feel warmth, a fire of anticipation has been burning within me and even the tip of my sun kissed nose can feel the heat. Ryan moves to the light switch and the pool is instantly bathed in fuchsia light which then almost immediately fades out to a tropical green hue. I scrunch my toes in impatience, ready to dive into the crisp chill of the water, the rough concrete pool deck grates against my feet. I ignore the throbbing of a blister forming on the pad of my left heel as I approach the lip of the pool. I watch as beneath me the light dances through the water and shifts through a multitude of colors. The still waters beacon to me with a siren-like allure.

Ryan tosses me a pair of goggles which I grab after they sail across the width of the pool, bunching and expanding as they twirl through the air. I squeeze the rubber of the goggle straps between my thumb and pointer finger feeling the elastic material compress and expand. I snap the goggles over my eyes and push them down against my eye sockets, the air escapes with a wheeze and I feel the rubber suction of the goggles pulling insistently against my skin.

I look across at my brother; we grin at one another and plunged into the depths at the same time. As I break the surface my hair bellows back and bubbles roll up against my skin in peculiar airy streams. I smile, the taste of chlorinated water floods my mouth, and peer through the water for Ryan. With the distinct chemical flavor still on my tongue, I look above and see the water rippling around him as he doggy paddles across the surface, his splashes echoing through the water to my ears.

I touch the bottom of the pool with my hands; the gritty surface rubs my fingertips. I let out bubbles through my nose and they trail leisurely to the surface. Beneath the surface it is almost as if life is suspended in time, progressing at a gentle unhurried pace, a world alternate to our own. I push up and swim for the surface. As my head bursts up above the water everything surges back into regular time, as if time was a rubber band that had been stretched to the extent of its flexibility and released suddenly. I suck air into my lungs and rip the goggles off.

Ryan is flipping through the water, the sound ringing in my ears clearly, so much more clearly than beneath the water.

I clamor up onto the deck, my body instantly missing the feel of water against my skin. I contain a shiver, ignoring the goose bumps rising to dot my arms and legs. I jump back in as the water changes to royal blue. I sink to the bottom and observe the world above from the world beneath. I can see Ryan’s figure rippling above as he runs around the pool trying to find a spot to dive in. The water is beginning to settle a bit, now it only rocks gently to and fro, pushing me with its motion. I gaze at my shadow on the pool wall, a young girl with her hair a halo around her head, encased in blue waters. I gaze at my shadow until my lungs scream for oxygen and even then I keep my body from bursting to the surface and instead I gently rise to the air above.

I watch the water around me as it fades in and out, from blue to purple, and purple to red. I kick my legs and feel the ripple as I cut through the water to keep myself afloat. The water enchants me as I imagine it always will, seemingly another dimension within our own, where time passes slowly and the water calls to me softly with its entrancing hush, pulling me back to swim beneath the surface time after time.

Morgan Rash


Summer Days and Summer Nights Book Review *Spoiler Free*


I fancied reading this anthology in my front yard. Something about being out amongst nature made the summer themes of this novel that much more enjoyable.

When I heard that there would be a companion to My True Love Gave to Me, I was absolutely thrilled. I adored the carefully selected short stories in the Winter Holiday themed anthology. With Summer Days and Summer Nights Stephanie Perkins is back at it again, presenting us with an astounding group of summery tales.

I’ve made it a point to review this novel in a slightly different way than most other novels. Each individual short story has its own review and rating and the entire novel also has an overall review and rating.

Head, Scales, Tongue, Tail – Leigh Bardugo – 3.5/5

Sea, Serpents, and Summers. This tale, from the author of The Grisha trilogoy, is simply a treat. At first I was incredibly confused by what was going on but although I was thrown off I knew from the first page I liked the direction that the author was taking with the story. It has a slow burn romance with a nice build. I liked the folklore mixed in and thought that it was well written and clever. This short story puts a unique spin on a fairly normal tale, even if the ending was somewhat predictable.

The End of Love – Nina Lacour – 4/5

I was pleased to find that this was an LGBTQ short story. Diversity is always lovely and refreshing to read about. The writing style was pleasant to read and the story itself was quite sweet. The hopeful yet sad tone made this story one that I no doubt enjoyed.

Last Stand at the Cinegore – Libba Bray – 4/5

While the horror aspects of this story remind me more of the fall it is no doubt an entertaining concept. The setting and plot were pleasantly creative even if there were no serious summer vibes. I like the horror aspects which makes this a nice story to add to the anthology. The one big problem I had with this short was that the action scenes towards the end got a bit confusing and slightly muddles at points.

Sick Pleasure for A and U – Francesca Lia Block – 1/5

I was weary when I started as I did not recognize the author, but I’m always willing to give a debut author a chance because we as readers never know when we might stumble upon gold. This was not a stumble-upon-gold occasion. The initials for names is irritating to keep up with, I’m sorry but are we spelling the freaking alphabet for a reason here people. A, the love interest, must stand for Asshat because boy oh boy was he a jerk. The friends are crappy and flat. Looking back it seems like the writer was going for a raw and truthful spin but honestly it was just awful.

In Ninety Minutes Turn North – Stephanie Perkins – 5/5

After the last short story I was much in need of saving. I knew when I saw Stephanie Perkins name at the top of the page that I was in for a heartwarming, romantic, summery read. This is a continuation of her short story in the first anthology and boy is it adorable. It left me all giggly and happy.

Souvenirs – Tim Federle – 5/5

My notes only say – IDK this dude either, love the voice, fab so far. So I guess that’s pretty much it. I did quite like it as I always like theme parks in stories. It has LGBTQ themes as well.

Inertia – Veronica Roth – 5/5

This story. Dear goodness gracious, my heart cannot take such a roller coaster ride of perfection. My literal initial thoughts were, “Alrighty, let’s see if she kills the main character in a completely unnecessary show of selflessness.” This thought was followed by the following, halfway through – “Okay so apparently summers are depressing as fuck. WTH?” But really though this had such a cool futuristic setting and Roth’s writing is so beautiful. That ending though, like yassssss. Gimme more!

Love is the Last Resort – Jon Skovron – 4/5

A bit cheesy but fun. This is a cute story from a (new?) author. Quite enjoyable.

Good Luck & FarewellBrandy Colbert  – 5/5

This short story is artfully written. The elements of loss, family, friendship, and healing with that light sprinkling of romance are what made this story a automatic five star for me. Not gonna lie I cried pretty hard.

Brand New Attraction – Cassandra Clare – 5/5

I instantly loved the setting and I adored the slight hint of magic woven into the story. The carnival themes were so creative and captivating. It captured my interest and held be through to the end. And despite the magical themes it still felt summery. Loved it – fun and imaginative.

A Thousand Ways This Could All Go Wrong – Jennifer E. Smith – 4/5

+Okay that made me cry too. +Am I just an emotional wreck? Answer: Probably. +It deals with mental disabilities which is fab because it further displays how well rounded and diverse this anthology is.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things – Lev Grossman – 3/5

It isn’t badly written I just was not feeling the plot. Not to mention the logic at the end was… not logical.

Overall Thoughts – 5/5

This anthology was just as good if not even better the My True Love Gave to Me. The short stories was diverse in genre and theme. There was a significant amount of LGBTQ characters which was refreshing. The only complaint I have is that not all of the stories actually feel like summer. While I thought this story would be more fluffy is still proved to be a fantastic read.